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Metrix Consulting has been developing automated solutions for software license balancing for over ten years. We have successfully applied our software asset management expertise to numerous projects for medium-sized companies, corporate groups and organisations in the public sector.

License management redefined

In our projects, we have redefined the disciplines of license management. By carrying out a usage-based inventory optimization of the software portfolio for client software, we aim to transform license management from a cost centre into a profit centre.

Innovations in IT management

In order to achieve this goal, we have developed structured methods to ensure a quick, smooth transition for companies. We have established software usage analysis as an IT management discipline and we are leading experts in the measurement and analysis of software usage.

Fully automated license balances

We have developed a fully automated solution to identify license-related parameters for server software, particularly in virtualised environments. Our solution immediately calculates a new license balance for affected products in the event of changes to the parameters on the servers, and sends a warning to the relevant person or people in the event of sublicensing.

Many companies use our expertise and our software solution InsideLicense for analysis and management in order to optimise software availability and make cost savings.

METRIX is a private company based in Germany.

License balancing

According to Gartner, software asset management (SAM) is now a highly relevant issue for C-level executives. SAM has evolved into a discipline which supports strategic business development, making it a vital tool for IT decision-makers when it comes to increasing transparency and IT cost control.

Software asset management is a key success factor for cloud migrations. This is because the virtualisation of resources leads to an increase in the complexity and costs associated with licensing. In a virtual or cloud environment, hardware is no longer the basis for licensing, because licenses can no longer be physically assigned. The high degree of volatility of the virtual environment calls for completely different control mechanisms for license usage and the resulting subsequent costs.

We have developed InsideLicense based on our extensive experience in the field of automated software license balancing.

InsideLicense offers online license balancing in volatile virtualised server environments and is currently the only license management solution capable of processing event-driven data immediately and directly and proactively sending reports and warnings.

Product range

Unique selling points

  • Calculates license usage in virtualised environments almost in real time
  • Records all license-related parameter changes on monitored systems
  • Produces a continuous license usage graph (real peak usage)
  • Provides a warning within minutes in the event of a peak

Optimisation and simulation

  • Makes it possible to simulate changes to infrastructure and their effect on licensing costs: the impact of any proposed strategy on future licensing costs can thus be tested in advance
  • Supports the optimisation of virtual infrastructures using new KPIs and new analytical functions in order to reduce licensing costs


  • A rule engine selects the best calculation rule based on the available data
  • Licensing rules can, where necessary, be adjusted for individual customers
  • New products can be added in a matter of days


InsideLicense Server Compliance Management:

  • Online/offline license comparison with a highly flexible rule engine
  • Optimisation and simulation of server licenses for each server

InsideLicense Simulation & Analytics:

  • Graphical analysis, modelling and scenario simulation of complex virtual environments, in order to minimise licensing costs

InsideLicense Demand Planning & Cross Charging:

  • Internal cost allocation
  • License requirement planning
  • Software pooling and contract management for server and client licenses
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